Sunday, June 21, 2015

Give Your Very Best - FHE Lesson

What is the best gift you have ever been given?  My favorite gifts are the little acts of kindness done by my husband and kids.  I have talked with my children about the joy of giving before, but I wanted to do a Family Home Evening (FHE) lesson that focused on giving your very best.

I set out some cupcakes, frosting, and decorative toppings.  I briefly explained that when we give gifts or service would should do it with a positive attitude and do our best work.

Each member of the family put their name inside a hat (Princess was excited to use her fuzzy, purple one).  I told everyone that we would each pull out a name.  We would then decorate a cupcake for the person whose name we drew.

As we decorate we should try to make it our very best work.

Look at the concentration on their faces.  They wanted to do a good job so badly.

The girls drew names for each other.  Here is Goofy giving Princess the cupcake she decorated.  I love how excited they were to give each other their creations.

Happy little face!

This was such a positive FHE lesson.  Everyone felt the spirit of giving their best - not to mention they got a cupcake to eat.

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