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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dress Up Santa Christmas Party Game

I always like to have a party game that's a little silly/crazy.  I also like to tease my dad whenever I can (because I love him).  So this year, I came up with this Dress Up Santa Game.  Feel free to use it to torture someone at your next Christmas party.

I asked my dad & mom, and sister & brother-in-law to participate.  The girls acted as Santa's arms.  I read a little story that went something like this:

"It's Christmas Eve and Santa needs to get ready for his big night.  First, he puts on his hat."

"He puts on his spectacles and checks the list...twice."

"Santa puts on his nice, warm coat.  It can be chilly out there."  (We used robes for this portion of the activity.  I would suggest you let them put the coats on Snuggie-style or your person in the back won't be able to see.)

"Oh dear!  Looks like Santa shaved this morning.  Luckily, he can grow one pretty quickly."  (We used Vaseline and cotton balls to give Santa a nice, white beard.)

Doesn't my brother-in-law look like he has mutton chops?

"Santa is looking a little pale.  Better help him get his cheeks nice and rosy."  (We used red lipstick.)

"Time to fatten up, Santa.  Eat some cookies!"

Apparently, Santa doesn't like gingersnaps too much.

"Wash down those cookies with some milk."

"Now Santa is looking nice and plump."  (We stuffed Santa with a pillow.)

"Give us a nice 'Ho!  Ho!  Ho!' Santa.  Then go give some candy to the kids.  Merry Christmas Santa."

Santa gave out candy canes to my kids.

This activity made my laugh so hard I cried.  My dad and brother-in-law were such good sports (and I'm sure they'll get even with me someday).

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