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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Valentine's Dress Up Dinner

I spend a lot of time and energy doing things to bring my family together.  Sometimes it's silly little things.  Other times we have a day to remember.  This Valentine's Day was one of those days to remember.

When my kids woke up on Valentine's Day they found a note and some treats on the ground.  This is what the note said...

When 4:00 rolled around I did the girls' hair.  They love being pampered.  After their hair was done I sent them to their room to wait for their dates.

Daddy came to the girls' door all dressed up in his suit.  He gave them each some pink roses.  Look at those faces!  They were ecstatic!

I gave my handsome little date a stuffed puppy.

They came down the "grand staircase" for dinner at Dastrup Delicasies.

Mommy and daddy were the waitress/waiter.  We gave them pink waffles topped with blueberries and whipped cream.

So delicious!

We escorted our dates to the Blissful Ballroom.  The kids loved the lights I strung across the ceiling.

Daddy danced with each girl.

They had a great time talking and dancing.

Pure joy!  The feeling of love in our home this Valentine's Day was palpable.  I will never forget it.

Just a couple more pictures:

My forever Valentine.

What are your Valentine's Day traditions?

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Countdown

Love is in the air!  At least it is in our house.  The sky has been so gloomy lately that I needed some color to liven things up.  Naturally, my kids and I decided to decorate for Valentine's Day.  Nothing like a pop of pink and red to spruce things up.

If you are a frequent reader, you are probably aware that each year we do a countdown to Valentine's Day each year.  A couple years ago we did a Heart Paper Chain Countdown.  Last year we did a Clothespin Countdown.  This year we decided to fill a bouquet with a new flower each day.

Using PicMonkey, I created these countdown tags for each flower.  (Of course you can save and print a copy for yourself!)  I simply cut them out, hole punched the top, and put one on each flower stem.

I put out a vase and laid the flowers all around it.  Each day one of my kids puts a flower in the vase.  They are constantly asking me if it is their turn.  I knew the girls would love it, but Bud has taken a real shine to it.  His little body shakes with joy whenever I tell him it's his turn.

The vase is looking better each day.

I bought my flowers, but you could definitely make your own.  Try some of these techniques:

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Have any favorite activities?  Share your favorites in the comments!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Positive Attitude - FHE Lesson

My children are going through a whiny phase.  (Please, tell me I'm not the only one!)  Hubby and I decided to teach a lesson on having a positive attitude to improve the mood in our home.

I started the lesson by telling my children the story of Lehi leaving his home and journeying into the wilderness.  We talked about how his family had to leave everything they had, their home, their friends, their money.  You can watch a short scripture video about this journey HERE.  I focused on the different reactions of his children (Laman & Lemuel, and Nephi).  We discussed how Laman and Lemuel whined and complained while Nephi chose to follow in faith.  I also told the story of how Nephi got the brass plates from Laban.  Again, Laman and Lemuel complained the whole time.  Watch the video HERE.

I asked my kids, "Would you rather take a journey with Laman and Lemuel or Nephi?"  Of course, they responded with Nephi.  I continued by asking, "Why?  What was better about traveling with Nephi?"  They told me that he was happy and didn't complain.  I explained to the children that it's the same in our home.  If we whine, fight, and complain we will not have the Lord's spirit in our home.

Then, I told the children that one thing we can do to keep a positive attitude is to think about the things we love and are grateful for.  I gave each child a different colored packet of Post-it notes.  I let them write down anything they loved on a note.

I put up a sign that says "Things We Love" (you can get your own sign for free at the bottom of this post).  Underneath, I told the kids that all month until Valentine's Day we would decorate the wall with things we love.  Whenever we felt unhappy, we could go to the wall and remember all of the things the lord has blessed us with.

Princess had a blast decorating the wall.  I love her little pictures.

Goofy pretends to write.  She told me what each note "said" before she put it up on the wall.

Apparently, Bud loves his hands.  He asked me to draw sticky note after sticky note of his hands.  Silly boy!

Here is your "Things We Love" banner.  Just save the picture to your computer, print it out, and make your banner.  You could make your wall all cute with little hearts instead of Post-it notes.  Oh, the possibilities!

Our wall is looking great.  I can't wait to see how full it gets by Valentine's Day!

Look for more FHE lessons on the Pinning with Purpose Facebook Page.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Heart Scotch - Love at Home FHE Lesson

How many of you fought with your brothers and sisters?  I'm sure you were all perfect children.  Well, I wasn't.  I remember getting into a couple "heated conversations" with my siblings.  Many times during these arguments, my mom would come up behind us and start singing "Love at Home."  When I got older my siblings and I would roll our eyes, but it is hard to keep fighting when that song is sung.  In fact, it helped me let go of the anger and forgive quickly.  That memory has stuck with me throughout the years.

I wanted to teach my children ways we can show love in the home and that if our feelings are hurt we need to forgive quickly.  Nephi is a great scripture hero to teach your children about.  He "frankly forgives" his brothers many times.  I read my kids a story from the March The Friend magazine called Big Brother Trap.  (Once it comes up online I will post the link.)  It talks about a girl whose feelings had been hurt by her big brother.  So, she set up a trap - a water bucket above the shed to dump on his head - and waited to get him all wet.  She has opportunities to let her anger go, but she won't back down.  When her brother comes out she drenches him.  She feels victorious until she notices that he has been working in the shed to fix her bike.  She learns about the importance of quickly forgiving.  I explained to my kids that if your feelings have been hurt, you need to let your anger go and forgive or you will only be holding yourself back from moving on.

I then told the kids that we want to have loving, happy feelings in our home.  We talked about some ways we can do that.  One thing that I really wanted to encourage is giving compliments or saying nice things about members of the family.  We did this by playing a game I call heart-scotch.  It is just like hopscotch only the squares are hearts and inside each heart is the name of a member of the family.

Princess started the game for us.  She threw the beanbag.

After a couple of tries, it landed on dad.

She then said one thing she likes about her daddy.  Once she did, she could hop over...

Pick up the beanbag, finish hopping on the hearts, and pass the beanbag off to someone else.  We played the game a couple of times giving everyone a few turns.  This gave us a change to compliment everyone in the family.  We finished the game feeling closer.

Once everyone was done playing the game, we played with chalk.  Bud and Goofy had fun decorating my heart-scotch board.

Goofy said she was making "my own hearts."

Princess made a heart-scotch board of her own.

She was pretty proud of it.

Goofy liked trying out both heart-scotch boards.

The part of Princess' heart-scotch game that touched me most was her final heart.  It says, "I Love Jesus."

What are some ways you like to show love in your home?

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