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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 Sucks Birthday Bouquet

My hubby turned 30 this year.  SO OLD!  Okay, it's not really, but this is the only chance that I have to tease him about it before it's my turn next year (yikes!).

I wanted to make hubby a fun, little gag gift.  I bought some dum-dum suckers and a foam ball to stick them into.  I already had the vase and ribbon on hand.  Using scissors, I cut the foam ball into a cone shape on the bottom so that it would fit into the vase.  Then I stuck suckers all over.  I finished up by making a tag and tying on the bow.  Voila!  A silly little gag gift that made my hubby smile.  (He thinks I'm a little crazy.  Maybe he's right.)

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rainy Day Umbrella - Graduation Gift

Graduation is upon us.  My littlest sister just graduated from high school.

Isn't she beautiful?!  I am a proud (albeit shorter) big sister.  

I wanted to give her something she could use in college and came up with this cute rainy day umbrella.

All you need for this gift is: an umbrella, yarn, scissors, and some dollar bills.

First, roll your dollar bills and tie them off with yarn.

Tie the rolled up bills to the umbrella (make sure not to tie it on any joints).

Roll the umbrella back up, carefully stuffing the money inside.

I added this cute little tag.  (Free printable at the bottom of this post.)

Here she is reading the little note.  

And her reaction when she opened it.

It's raining money!

She loved it!  

Here is a printable if you would like to make one for your graduate:
Just click the picture and print.

Congrats grads! 

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