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Friday, June 19, 2015

Lemon-Lime Fizzy Drink

The luck of the Irish has brought you here!  Welcome to Pinning with Purpose!

Today we will dive into a delectable drink for St. Patrick's Day (although you could have it anytime).  It's the simplest thing in the world to make.  All you need is a lemon-lime soda and a carton of lime sherbet ice cream.  Put your sherbet into a punch bowl.  Pour the soda over the top and stir.  That's it!

You will have a tasty little drink that everyone will love.

Try using different flavors of sherbet and soda.  Let me know which one is your favorite!

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St. Patrick's Day 2015

We love St. Patrick's day at the Dastrup house!  We have leprechaun gold treasure hunts, play Don't Eat Lucky, and eat lots of tasty, green food.

Each year the leprechauns come to our house and leave a little present.  This year they left a green box of Mike and Ike's in everybody's shoes.  What an exciting way to start the day!

Those leprechauns are so nice.

I just had to show a picture of the decorations the preschoolers put up for Green Day.  I love the little strips of green streamers hanging from the walls.

Here's a fun green dinner idea: green burritos (use spinach tortillas), green grapes, and a shamrock shake.  What is your favorite green food?

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