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Monday, March 3, 2014

Heart Scotch - Love at Home FHE Lesson

How many of you fought with your brothers and sisters?  I'm sure you were all perfect children.  Well, I wasn't.  I remember getting into a couple "heated conversations" with my siblings.  Many times during these arguments, my mom would come up behind us and start singing "Love at Home."  When I got older my siblings and I would roll our eyes, but it is hard to keep fighting when that song is sung.  In fact, it helped me let go of the anger and forgive quickly.  That memory has stuck with me throughout the years.

I wanted to teach my children ways we can show love in the home and that if our feelings are hurt we need to forgive quickly.  Nephi is a great scripture hero to teach your children about.  He "frankly forgives" his brothers many times.  I read my kids a story from the March The Friend magazine called Big Brother Trap.  (Once it comes up online I will post the link.)  It talks about a girl whose feelings had been hurt by her big brother.  So, she set up a trap - a water bucket above the shed to dump on his head - and waited to get him all wet.  She has opportunities to let her anger go, but she won't back down.  When her brother comes out she drenches him.  She feels victorious until she notices that he has been working in the shed to fix her bike.  She learns about the importance of quickly forgiving.  I explained to my kids that if your feelings have been hurt, you need to let your anger go and forgive or you will only be holding yourself back from moving on.

I then told the kids that we want to have loving, happy feelings in our home.  We talked about some ways we can do that.  One thing that I really wanted to encourage is giving compliments or saying nice things about members of the family.  We did this by playing a game I call heart-scotch.  It is just like hopscotch only the squares are hearts and inside each heart is the name of a member of the family.

Princess started the game for us.  She threw the beanbag.

After a couple of tries, it landed on dad.

She then said one thing she likes about her daddy.  Once she did, she could hop over...

Pick up the beanbag, finish hopping on the hearts, and pass the beanbag off to someone else.  We played the game a couple of times giving everyone a few turns.  This gave us a change to compliment everyone in the family.  We finished the game feeling closer.

Once everyone was done playing the game, we played with chalk.  Bud and Goofy had fun decorating my heart-scotch board.

Goofy said she was making "my own hearts."

Princess made a heart-scotch board of her own.

She was pretty proud of it.

Goofy liked trying out both heart-scotch boards.

The part of Princess' heart-scotch game that touched me most was her final heart.  It says, "I Love Jesus."

What are some ways you like to show love in your home?

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heart-Themed Preschool Lesson

Teaching Goofy's preschool is one of my favorite parts of the week.  My friend, Bestie, and I teach our kids twice a week.  She teaches Tuesday, I teach Thursday.  I had the privilege of teaching the Valentine's Day lesson.  Valentine's Day may be over, but if you have little girls or boys that like hearts, they will love everything about this lesson.

There are 4 free printables included in this lesson.  Feel free to save the pictures to your computer and print them off.  They include:
  • "Things I Love" Sheet
  • "Heart Counting" Sheet
  • "Candy Heart Estimating" Sheet
  • Letter B Flashcard
Here are the main focuses of this lesson: Letter Bb, counting to 5, basic estimation, and "things I love."

I always start the day off by going over the alphabet, counting on the number chart, and helping the kids learn the date and weather.

Writing Practice:  We talked about the letter B - the sound it makes and how to write it.  I laid out a plate covered in shaving cream.  Using their pointer finger, the kids wrote both capital and lowercase B.

About Me - Things I Love: I gave each child one of these "Things I Love" sheets.  I made it and all other printables for this lesson on PicMonkey (have I mentioned how much I love that site?).  It was fun to learn some of the things that Goofy loves.  I had no idea her favorite color was blue.  (You'd think I'd know that by now huh?)

Counting to 5: I gave each child a bingo marker and the "Heart Counting" sheet.

Using the bingo marker, the kids would count as they filled in the white circles.  They really seemed to enjoy this part of the lesson.

Here is the printable.  Enjoy!

Heart Estimation: After snacks and play time we did a little heart estimating.  I asked the kids to guess how many hearts they could hold in one hand.  They marked their guess on their paper.  Then we saw how much they could actually hold.  It was good counting practice.  We estimated how many hearts they could hold in both one hand and two.  We talked about making good guesses - how you can probably hold more in two hands than in one.

Here is the estimation sheet I created (again, feel free to use it).

Fun in the Kitchen: Naturally, because it was Valentine's Day, we had to decorate some heart shaped cookies and give Valentines.

Here's Goofy frosting and decorating her cookie.

Decorating cookies is so fun!

Here are the masterpieces.

Now for the best part - eating them!


Princess was happy to be included in the party.

Bud also appreciated getting a cookie.

Homework - Letter B Flashcard: Here is the flashcard that I made for the lesson.  Notice the heart-shaped box?

What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day learning activities?

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This Valentine's Day we had a Mystery Dinner and I decorated the table with sparkly little hearts.  After dinner, Princess asked if she could have the hearts.  I said yes and didn't think much of it.

The next day I started finding these little hearts all over the house.  When I asked Princess about it she said, "I want to let everyone in the family know that I am thinking of them by leaving them a heart to find."

I never knew where I'd find a heart next.

Sometimes they'd be in obvious places...

Other times I was surprised - the refrigerator of all places!

I caught Princess sneaking a heart into Goofy's coat pocket.

I found one in my jacket.

We all started to join in on the fun.  When I found a heart I'd hide it somewhere for Princess to find.  It helped us keep a nice feeling in our home.  We were more thoughtful, more kind, and more loving.

You could use this idea for a family home evening to teach love at home.

Sometimes it takes the genius of a child to remind me what is most important.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Heart Pizza

Those of you who know me or read this blog have probably figured out by now that I adore pizza.  (Perhaps it's because my palate is as refined as a child's.)  I make pizza nearly every week.  I love that it's so versatile!

Homemade pizza is so much better than store bought, don't you agree?  You can put so many wonderful things on it (check out these 8 pizza ideas), you can shape it into anything (did you miss the pizza snowmen post at Christmas?), and kids love it.

To celebrate Valentine's Day we made a heart-shaped pizza.  Hubby laughed at the fact that I cut the pepperoni into hearts.

Here's a closer look at the heart-shaped pepperoni.  I didn't have a cookie cutter, so I folded them in half and cut them into hearts using a knife.

Make your own heart-shaped pizza!  I used store-bought dough, but you can make your own.  There's a pizza dough recipe near the bottom of this post.

What will you put on your pizza?

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