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Monday, July 21, 2014

Car Birthday Party

My little Bud turned 2 last week.  I can hardly believe it!  Two years ago I had the absolute WORST day of my life getting him here (one of those delivery horror stories that you don't want to share with soon-to-be mothers) and he is absolutely, completely, 100% worth it.

Bud is all boy.  He loves dinosaurs, monsters, Micky Mouse, and cars.  We had to move his birthday party up a couple of days so that the family could come.  I have a rule that I decorate the house while the kids are asleep; when they wake up the decorations are a surprise!  This meant that I had hours - literally hours - to get everything decorated, a cake made, and presents wrapped.  I went with a quick, cheap cars theme.  I was pretty happy with the results.

I decorated the front door using a black tablecloth.  The white lines I added using paper made it look like a strip of road.  I whipped out a little drive-in sign on PicMonkey (scroll to the bottom of this post to print your own).

Using black paper plates, a poster board, colored papers, a glue stick, and a glue gun, I made 3 of these little cars to put around the house.  I used the glue gun to stick on the wheels.  (I made three so that there would be enough for each of my children in hopes that they wouldn't fight - worked like a charm!)  

Bud loved driving his little car around the kitchen.

These little road signs were hanging up all over the house.  I love free clip art!

The fridge was our refueling station (I thought that was clever - the bathroom was the pit stop).

Here is a look at the kitchen.

I found this cute checkered flag pennant online.  You can print one for free here.  I hot glued the triangles to a piece of white yarn and hung them up on each window.

I used another black tablecloth to create another road on the table.

I used a cone and my son's cars as a centerpiece on the table.  The kids loved driving the cars all around the table.

Here's the living room.  My husband asked, "What do balloons have to do with cars?"  The answer: absolutely nothing.  But what little boy doesn't love to play with balloons?!

Decorations up, presents wrapped, cake decorated - time for a party!

My parents gave him a car and some sunglasses.  What a cool little dude.

Let's have some cake!

I am most definitely NOT a professional cake decorator.  This is as fancy as I get.  Bud picked out the flavor of cake he wanted.  I made it in a 9 x 13" pan following the directions on the box.  Next, I created a little car pattern, cut out the cake, and frosted it using my favorite vanilla butter frosting.  That's it!

He loved it!

Happy birthday my sweet little Bud.  Mommy is so glad you are a party of our family.

Here is the birthday drive-in sign.  Feel free to use it for your own car birthday party.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Little Lady Turned 3!

Guess who turned 3!

That's right!  It's my beautiful little Goofy.  This girl is so sweet, silly, and sensitive to other's feelings.  I love her to pieces!

She surprised me when she told me she wanted a ladybug-themed birthday party.  This girl HATES bugs (ants especially).  But, on her birthday her wish is my command.  So ladybugs it was.

I always hang a little something from the ceiling outside of the kids' bedroom door on their birthday.  It is such an exciting way for them to start the day.

I woke up to this.  Goofy had pulled a chair from her room so that she could stand on it and play with the ladybug balloons.

Like the curious little girl she is, she had already wandered downstairs to see the decorations.  She found the ladybug ring I left at her place at the table.

Boy was she excited to have a new ring!  I probably didn't need to give her anything else.

Here is what she found when she came downstairs.

All of the decorations were very simple, but I was pleased with how they turned out (especially considering we had only gotten home from Disneyland two days before the party).

I don't usually buy special decorations from the store.  It's more fun for me to make my own, but I saw these hats and napkins in Zurchers and fell in love with them.

A happy birthday girl enjoying her breakfast.

Ladybugs crawling on the entertainment center!

Here's a closer look at a ladybug balloon.  I just used Sharpie marker - nothing fancy like her owl balloons the previous year, but she loved them.

I put a red and black streamer on each door in the house.  They made it feel festive anywhere you walked.

Time to party!  Everyone was a good sport about wearing the party hats.  Really, who could resist the red and black cuteness?

Goofy was spoiled rotten (as is typical for every birthday).

Time for cake!  This one was really simple to make: stack two, 9-inch cakes, frost them (I used my favorite Vanilla Butter recipe for the red and store-bought chocolate frosting dyed black), add Hershey's drops and you're done!  You could add white chocolate chip eyes if you like.  I was pleased both with how simple this cake was and how well it turned out.

Make a wish!

Everybody loves cake!

It's SO good mom!

Here are the signs of a good time.  Poor little ladybug all chopped up.

Happy birthday my sweet Goofy.  I don't know what I'd do without you!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dress Up Santa Christmas Party Game

I always like to have a party game that's a little silly/crazy.  I also like to tease my dad whenever I can (because I love him).  So this year, I came up with this Dress Up Santa Game.  Feel free to use it to torture someone at your next Christmas party.

I asked my dad & mom, and sister & brother-in-law to participate.  The girls acted as Santa's arms.  I read a little story that went something like this:

"It's Christmas Eve and Santa needs to get ready for his big night.  First, he puts on his hat."

"He puts on his spectacles and checks the list...twice."

"Santa puts on his nice, warm coat.  It can be chilly out there."  (We used robes for this portion of the activity.  I would suggest you let them put the coats on Snuggie-style or your person in the back won't be able to see.)

"Oh dear!  Looks like Santa shaved this morning.  Luckily, he can grow one pretty quickly."  (We used Vaseline and cotton balls to give Santa a nice, white beard.)

Doesn't my brother-in-law look like he has mutton chops?

"Santa is looking a little pale.  Better help him get his cheeks nice and rosy."  (We used red lipstick.)

"Time to fatten up, Santa.  Eat some cookies!"

Apparently, Santa doesn't like gingersnaps too much.

"Wash down those cookies with some milk."

"Now Santa is looking nice and plump."  (We stuffed Santa with a pillow.)

"Give us a nice 'Ho!  Ho!  Ho!' Santa.  Then go give some candy to the kids.  Merry Christmas Santa."

Santa gave out candy canes to my kids.

This activity made my laugh so hard I cried.  My dad and brother-in-law were such good sports (and I'm sure they'll get even with me someday).

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