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Monday, June 17, 2013

Super Monkey Singing Visual

I'd like you to meet Super Monkey.  If you are a primary music leader he will be your new best friend.  

I noticed the kids didn't seem to be singing very loudly.  My brother-in-law and sister gave one of those annoying entertaining screeching monkeys to each of my girls.  Thinking I could put one to good use, I cut out a little cape and made a mask out of foam for it.

I printed out two signs - one that said "Mere Mortal" and one that said "Super-Human."

In primary I introduced Super Monkey to the kids.  I told them that super monkey would be listening to their singing.  After they finished singing a song I would launch him across the front of the room.  Holding up the two signs, one in each hand, I explained that Super Monkey wanted to hear Super-Human singing (singing all of the words loudly, but beautifully).  If they sang like Mere-Mortals he wouldn't fly very far.

I put the signs on the floor: Mere-Mortal closest to me, Super Human far away.

Once they sang the song I launched Super Monkey based on how well they sang.  The kids loved Super Monkey.  They sang louder and with more confidence than I ever heard them sing before!

*Note: the kids might get over-excited about Super Monkey and start to be loud and irreverent.  Tell the kids that if they scream, get out of their seats to grab the monkey, or do anything irreverent Super Monkey would hide for the rest of the day.

You will be surprised by how much fun you and the kids will have with Super Monkey!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sight Word Caterpillar

This year in preschool we started giving the kids sight words each week.  We put one sight word on a segment of a caterpillar's body.  As the kids learned more words, the caterpillar grew.

Here is Princess' caterpillar so far.  Having the sight words in a visible place where she can practice really helps.  She is already starting to read easy books.  Thanks to her teachers for pushing her!

Here is a list of the words Princess has been learning in case you'd like to make a caterpillar of your own:
it, is, in, here, I, to, the, on, not, we, me, and, my, yes, for, he, go, up, look, down, red, see, blue

We are only a little over half way through this year, so there will be even more words down the road.  (I will update the list at the end of the preschool year.)

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Nature of God - FHE Lesson

This family home evening lesson was part 2 of Chapter 1 in the Gospel Principles Manual.  We talked first about the nature of God.  

I put up the sign that said, "Words that describe Heavenly Father."  The girls picked a picture to put on the magnet board (a.k.a. cookie sheet) and we discussed each picture.  The words we used to describe Heavenly Father were: love, charity, judge, body and spirit, perfect, all knowing, all powerful, and merciful.

We re-emphasized that He loves us and shows us His love by everything He has given us.  We explained He knows everything and can do anything.  We also explained that we were made in His image and that He has a body and spirit just like we do.  Finally, we talked about how He showed His mercy by sending the Savior to atone for our sins.

We then talked about how Heavenly Father wants us to come back to Him.  We read Moses 1: 39 together and discussed it.

We concluded by talking about things we can do to come to know God.  We listed 4 things:
1. Believe He exists and loves us
2. Study the scriptures
3. Pray to Him
4. Obey all His commandments

Because it's Valentine's Day this week we emphasized that one of His commandments is to love one another.  I challenged the family to show extra love to each other this week.

All of my pictures were free clip art online.  I just stuck the words to describe Heavenly Father underneath the picture, laminated them, and put magnets on the back.  Super easy!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There is a God FHE Lesson

My hubby and I decided to teach our kids the basic principles of the gospel from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  To do this, we decided to teach our family home evening lessons from the Gospel Principles manual.

The first lesson in the manual is titled "Our Heavenly Father."  I thought that was a perfect place to start.  We talked about the very first section in the chapter -- There is a God.

I found some cute flannel board figures of the creation.  I printed them off and laminated them.

*Please note that my printer ran out of yellow ink, so yours will look even better.  I had to go back through and color yellow and green with crayon.

Next, I added magnets to the back.

Voila!  They worked perfectly.

We started the lesson by telling the kids that we can know that there is a God from all of the things that are around us.  We stressed that He has given us so much.  I pulled out the pictures one at a time and asked the kids what each picture was about.  They put the pictures on a cookie sheet.

Next, we asked the kids to name some things that daddy and mommy had given them.  We then asked them, "Why do you think we gave you those things?"  They came to the conclusion that it's because we love them.  We explained that Heavenly Father is the same way.  He gives us so many wonderful things because He loves us and wants us to be happy.

Finally, we told the kids that we should show our gratitude to God for our blessings, and one way we can do that is by thanking Him when we pray.

It was a simple lesson, but the kids really seemed to grasp the concept.

Chocolate on my Cranium had tons of flannel board stories you can print out and use with your family.  If you need visual aids for your family home evening lesson they are perfect.

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